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          We will work with you as a true partner - not just a client - and provide interesting activities for pupils that will create a buzz around the school.

        • School support services

          We offer friendly training and support for school staff and our extensive program of powerful, revitalising activities helps children to learn immersively. Click the button below to find out more.
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        • Chameleon

          Chameleon is a 10 week crime and law education program. Featured on ITV News, and validated by the studies Bolton University, it helps children around the age of criminal responsibility to make better choices and become responsible citizens.
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          Our aim is to take as much work off you by providing services that other data protection officers don't.

          Please click through to our data protection page for a full list of services.

        • Data protection services / DPO

          We offer a UK-based, personal service which includes audits, form filling, redacting, training for staff and so much more. Click below to see everything that is included.
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        • Report a data breach

          All of your team's training in one place - for just £1,000 (+VAT) per year.

          In-person training and certified qualifications available at a 50% reduction when you sign up for our all-inclusive package.

          Request courses and have them added to your package for no additional cost.

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        • Certified and awareness courses

          Written and delivered by the ex-head of training for Greater Manchester Police, our training courses include Health & Safety, First Aid and PHSE.
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We offer a personal service by providing a named data protection officer who is contactable directly by you on a mobile number. Our aim is to take as much work off you as possible by providing services that other data protection officers don’t.

We never send you documents to complete – we come and personally complete them for you.

Data mapping

Mapping of your current systems


Policy writing and reviewing


Document writing and checking

Data access

One data access request per year

Staff training

Ensure everyone is in compliance

Site visits

Unannounced site visit and feedback report


We provide five hours of redacting support to you

Reportable breach

One reportable breach per year to the ICO

Non-reportable breach

We deal with unlimited non-reportable breaches


Independent support for one breach per year

SLT / Governor reports

Reports and briefings as required

Yearly audit

We come and do your yearly audit

Phone & email support

We provide unlimited phone and email support

Retention & archiving

We support you with retention and archiving

Contractor check

Background checking of contractors

Global Policing is based in Manchester but our services cover the whole of the UK. We charge reasonable travel costs and expenses for visiting sites outside of the Greater Manchester area. We will agree these costs upon contract signing.

Data protection officer(s)

Simple, all-inclusive yearly fee of £1,500


per year + VAT / two year contract


Want us to fully manage your data protection compliance?


Want us to do most of the work and free you from the worry?

Please enter your email address below and we will send you full details of our offer. In addition we will provide your organisation with a FREE data protection review (normally charged at £400). 

We will only use your email address to send you details of our services and will never pass it on to anyone else.

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